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About Us

FORGE 41 is a technology service company. For the past decade, we have built innovative products that have solved our clients' business problems. As a preeminent Chicago-based technology firm, we believe in helping our clients achieve long-term success, not only as they fulfill their current needs, but in their effort to build a lasting business.

If you are a start-up interested in bringing a new idea to market, or if you are an established business looking to leverage technology to fix a pain point, we are here to help. We start by working with you to understand your business, and continue far past the standard transactional relationship. Our mission is to "Just Help!"

We are a team of 36 and growing technology and business gurus and we believe that giving back to the community should be engrained from the onset of any business. As such, at FORGE 41, we offer complimentary website design for non-profit organizations. Non-profits are of tremendous value to our communities, and FORGE 41 stands with those who support others.

Our disciplined approach solves complex problems through research, expert feedback, prototyping and client collaboration while saving clients huge amounts on cost.

We are here to "Just Help!"


User Interface(UI) / User Experience(UX)

At FORGE 41, we understand that every B2B and B2C app is unique. Launching a successful SaaS product is no longer just about having a functional product; rather, it's about gaining user share. To achieve user share, the app interface and navigation must be simple and intuitive. An effective user interface requires that the user experience delivers functionality in an effortless way. At FORGE 41, it's all about the user.

Web Design

The purpose of every website, blog and landing page is to gain customers. We begin by taking a look at your customer understanding. Your website is your most important digital asset, your face to the world. That is the first place your customers go to research you, and if they don't find what they are looking for, they go right to the next business in the search results. At FORGE 41, we specialize in conversion-focused websites with the goal to getting your phone ringing and clients through the door.


Web Development & Custom Software Development

We aim to deliver technical excellence, innovation and extended value to our clients by understanding and accommodating their needs. We have in-house expertise in a variety of full-stack technologies such as .NET, PHP, MsSQL, MySQL, React.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, Express.js and Node.js. With our extensive experience in building web applications, FORGE 41 delivers most web apps within 8 weeks of engagement.

Mobile App Development

At FORGE 41, we specialize in cross-platform apps using Xamarin and Phone Gap. Our dedicated team builds native apps for both Android and Apple devices, helping clients from conception to launch. We assign code ninjas when it's time to develop, but first, our product designers create precise strategies to guarantee an exceptional user experience backed by research and analytics. Depending on the complexity of your project, the app development process can take anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 months.

E-commerce Desgin and Development

In 2016, our E-Commerce development team launched 50 stores. From drop shipping websites to single-product landing pages, we have done it all. Our years of experience allow us to develop the right strategies for our clients to sell on social platforms or mobile apps. Want to start a drop shipping business? Interested in starting a box-of-the-month business? Want to start selling your product online? We can help you succeed in the E-Commerce game. On average, we can deliver a functioning E-Commerce store in 4 weeks.


At FORGE 41, we offer clients a unique consulting model that is both cost-effective and efficient. All of our consultants are supported with 4 off-shore resources. At the start of the engagement, our consultants spend a week with the client, assessing the client's needs to build an exceptional off-shore team. Afterward, consultants visit the client every 2 weeks to report on progress. Our online portal allows our consultants to view screenshots of the developer's computer at 3-minute intervals, letting them manage every task online. (Clients have access to the same information via portal.) We are offering our consultancy in the following channels:

Design Team

Developers (1)

  • 1 Junior Developer

Designers (3)

  • 1 Web Designer
  • 1 Senior Graphic Designer
  • 1 Junior Designer

Development Team

Developers (3)

  • 1 Full Stack Developer
  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 1 Junior Developer

Designers (1)

  • 1 UI Designer / Tester.

Selected Projects

National Black MBA Chicago

The mission of this great Organization is dedicated to establishing partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the black community.

SpeakEazy is a all you need tool to plan, prepare, collaborate and organize any presentationor pitch the best way possible.

River Creek Jewellery



LinkButton is a social place to help you show, shop or share.


Prontowing is a mobile app for towing and road side assistance companies.

Doggy Trails

Doggy Trails is a one-stop e-commerce store for all your pet needs. They have a wide array of products that will leave you and your pet satisfied.

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